Welcome to GOALS Academy!

A TK through 6th Grade, Free, Public Charter School in Anaheim, CA

Complete Interest Forms for 2016-2017 School Year

We are a free, small, public charter school with a rigorous academic program, as well as an emphasis on enrichment. If you are interested in having your child attend GOALS Academy this school year, there is still time to complete an Interest Form. We currently have openings in 5th and 6th grade, and our school will prepare your child for junior high school. We can strengthen your child academically for this transition, as well as increase his/her self-confidence and sense of direction to avoid susceptibility to negative peer pressure. For Grades TK-4, the completion of an Interest Form will place your child on the waiting list. For any questions you may have about our GOALS Academy, please contact the director, Debbie Schroeder, at dschroedergoals@gmail.com. We’re a great school, and we would love to have you and your child be part of our community!

On behalf of GOALS Academy and F.A.S.T., thanks to everyone who coordinated, sold tickets, and/or bought tickets for our latest fundraiser. While Cow Chip Bingo changed into Horse Chip Bingo, all is well that ends well. And, we would like to announce our winners:
$1,500 winner — Concha Salmeron from Garden Grove, California
$1,000 winner — Gabe & Megan Zeigler from Pueblo, Colorado
$500 winner — Mary K. Oyama from Fullerton, California
Many, many thanks for your support of our scholars! More information about how much was raised that will enrich our scholars’ lives will be shared by F.A.S.T.



On Thursday, August 22, we encouraged each of our scholars to come to school dressed as a positive super hero. This was in celebration of Let It Ripple — Character Day. It was a wonderful occasion, and our scholars truly were super heroes on this day. You can learn more about Character Day by visiting the website below:


Supply List Donations

Some of our families have asked us what supplies their children will need for the first day of school. Because we are a free, public, charter school, we will provide everything your child needs to be successful in school. However, if you would like to help out GOALS Academy, the following Supply List will provide you guidance. And, for any basic supplies we don’t have to purchase because of your donations, we will have increased funds to provide a highly enriched learning experience. You can access the suggested Supply List through the link below. Thank you!

  Supply List


Upcoming Events